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What does your video production say about your company?

With a greater emphasis on video production than ever before, there's also more to consider than ever when putting together video content and advertising for your company or product. Some businesses may view video as another piece of the puzzle that they know they should be implementing based on what their competitors are creating, but are not precisely sure how or even why. Production companies in New York City and Philadelphia are numerous, but the best production companies know how to guide their customers to the best video representation of their company's image. After all, that is the meat of your company's video content: a capsule-sized view into your brand identity, whether it's a commercial, a corporate video, a B2B production or something else entirely.

The strategy of your video influences your company's image.

One thing that is often overlooked is that the strategy your video takes on a given project speaks volumes as to what your company is about overall. Some of the best production companies and agencies may focus their attention on the brand itself and avoid the details entirely. If your video production focuses on creating a distilled, distinctive feeling and then attaches that feeling to your company with little or no detail or extra information, that may speak to the confidence you have in your brand, and imply how well you are known within relevant circles even if the particular viewer hasn't heard of you before.

On the other hand, this could backfire if you are still in the building stages of your company, and it may behoove your business to focus your video production on informing your customers about your mission and vision. When working with production companies, ask them what their previous customers have utilized and what the effect was on audiences based on test screenings and research. The best production companies should have at least some case studies available to you outlining the various effects different video production strategies created for viewer experience.

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Your video production is a calling card.

Another thing to consider when creating your next video production is why quality matters. Many companies new to video production focus on cost--more specifically, keeping cost down. What they might want to consider is the cost of not creating video content that maintains a quality level that communicates what they want about their company.

An easy example is your company website, since that is a more ubiquitous and well understood method of presenting your company. Why is it important that your customers see a well designed, easy to use, professional website that is designed with a unified branding concept in mind? Why not just create the cheapest website possible that gets the job done? The reason is that your website makes your customers feel a certain way about your company. The same is true of your video productions. If your production company is offering you bottom dollar prices, ask yourself what is being compromised in order to undercut the competition. Is it gear? Is it the people creating your video production? Is it their ability to deal with various unforseen challenges and even catastrophes? In the end, focusing on production companies as a cost rather than an investment can prove much more costly than the few dollars saved on the front end.


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