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A Storm is Coming | Mercedes Benz

Engineering Perfection

The Mercedes Benz GLE is the culimination of years of engineering experience and innovation, all under one luxury hood. Flow created this commercial production utilizing an entirely in-house team, from directing and cinematography, to aerial photography to color grading and visual effects. By utilizing our proprietary software and approach to commercial video production, we were able to maintain flexiblity and responsiveness throughout the multiday, multilocation shoot. The final commercial is a combination of sleek visuals, powerful messaging, and attention-grabbing production design, all created by the NYC commercial production company professionals at Flow.

Check out some stills from the finished video to the left!

Creating the perfect commercial video production, whether you're an established brand or a startup, requires a commercial production company that can understand your needs, fit within your budget, and provide the kind of support and partnership you require, freeing up your time and energy to focus on what matters most to your business. By utilizing a top commercial production company in New York City like Flow, the benefits are not confined to the actual commercial production itself, but to evey moment of interfacing, collaborating and partnering with a video production partner.

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Flow has been awarded multiple Telly Awards. Winners include best commercial direction and best cinematography in commercial production. @flowfilmandpost

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Flow - Complete NY video production solutions. @flowfilmandpost

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Catch the Wallstreet Journal's new TV commercial spot on the big screen in Times Square. Post production by Flow. @flowfilmandpost

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