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Elevator Yoga | Quick and Dirty Fitness

No Time to Exercise

For Quick and Dirty Fitness's campaign, we wanted to get to the heart of their message: the way most gyms structure their classes makes it difficult for people with busy lives to fit group fitness into their day. Quick and Dirty Fitness's approach provides a degree of flexibility to group fitness that is unheard of in the industry.

While developing this commercial production, Flow utilized its in-house creative team to explore a variety of different approaches to portray the plight of those too busy for exercise classes in a humorous and memorable way. Narrowing the commercial scripts down to three different storylines allowed for us to really hone the message while ensuring that the logistics behind the video production were manageable and maximized production value that appeared on screen.

Check out some production stills from the shoot!

When you're seeking a commercial production company in NYC and you're looking to make something that strikes just the right balance between humor and a serious message about health and lifestyle, finding the right collaborator can be tricky. When Flow was approached to develop this commercial video production for a New York City shoot, we were tasked with not only shooting and editing the entire campaign, but with providing the creative from the ground up. The best commercial production companies in NYC can provide top notch creative in addition to production services, and Flow's creative team is second to none. After several rounds of story meetings, we settled on the final commercial production plan and set to work scouting locations in NYC and assembling a cast. The result is a commercial production that makes audiences chuckle while planting the brand's message front and center in the commercial.

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