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When Dassault Systèmes wanted to team with Flow to create a hybrid video combining animation and high-end live action video in a compelling way, our team was excited to meet the challenge.

The project had three separate pieces of a greater whole to portray: the engineers behind the design of the chips powering many high-tech consumer experiences, the customers enjoying those products, and the chips themselves. Any video production that includes animation adds an additional layer of logistics and considerations, which we kept in mind from the beginning as we began to design the video.

The end product is a combination of three different series of scenes, each with their own look, that still blend into a cohesive video production, communicating very technical concepts through cinematography, animation and other video production imagery that affects the viewer in a powerful and immediate way. Check out some production stills to the left.

When combining traditional commercial production company disciplines--live action cinematography, directing, acting, etc. with sleek and polished motion graphics and animated elements, a lot of finesse is required to ensure a coherent final video production product. Combining production design, wardrobe, color grading and more, we were able to give both sets of scenes (the office and the outdoor segments) entirely separate feels while still maintaining a consistent overall look to the video, and ensure that that transitions from the high end live action video production to never felt jarring and all supported the details of the message. That combined with our practiced approach to commercial production scheduling and execution allowed for multiple scenes with different actors to be filmed in a time-effective way, preventing the video production from taking more shooting days than necessary.

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Flow has been awarded multiple Telly Awards. Winners include best commercial direction and best cinematography in commercial production. @flowfilmandpost

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Catch the Wallstreet Journal's new TV commercial spot on the big screen in Times Square. Post production by Flow. @flowfilmandpost

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