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Why Transparency Leads to Better Video Productions

In the world of video production companies (especially video production companies in NYC and the surrounding area), one common topic that is not always discussed transparently is budget. For various reasons, some companies feel compelled to hold their cards close to the chest when it comes to disclosing even ball park figures, and this makes sense; in many areas of business, the saying "whoever names a number first loses" holds some weight. However, when it comes to collaborating with a production company to create something great that achieves results, this thinking may hold you back from being able to collaborate effectively. Aside from the fact that if you are partnering with the right company, no one "loses", there other angles to consider during the initial process.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind while working for a production company to produce your next video:

1.) Assess where the production company's interest lies.

WIth some production companies, bottom line is the most important thing. You can generally get a feel if this is the case based on the tone of their answers to your questions. Do they make it seem like their hands are completely tied without a budget that is beyond your comfort zone? Do they convey to you that unless you go with the top end of the proposal, they almost make you feel looked down upon? Do discussions with the production company come from a place of seeking problems rather than solutions? Is their goal to craft the best possible NY video production for you, or to maximize their profits at any cost?

Now, obviously everyone in business needs to make money. The real question is how are they going about making it? Short term thinking? Long term? How do they view their clients in the grand scheme of their business model? These are all things you can gather a sense of through the initial meetings and calls while developing your project. Remember, the way your video is approached says a lot about you and your NYC area solution for video production needs.

Based on the feel you get during initial discussions, you may want to consider that:

2.) Keeping your budget hidden may cost you more money.

If your video production company is looking to build a relationship with you and your company, then their goal is going to be to craft every aspect of your project from the ground up to maximize impact and to spend every dollar effectively. When you are working with NY video production professionals, especially if they are developing concepts and creative for you, they need to know what kinds of tools are available to them. You wouldn't approach a construction company and tell them, "I would like some sort of building. I won't tell you how much I want to spend. Come back to me with some architectural plans, please." It just wouldn't make sense. Without at least beginning the conversation with an anchor as a starting point, you risk spinning the production company's wheels, having them come back with creative that may not even be feasible at the budget you would like to allocate, and delay your project during the process.

Once you have settled on some possible directions creatively, it is then important to remember that:

3.) Budget should be a discussion, not a price tag.

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The most important thing when dealing with video production companies in NY is their work. Is their work of the caliber you imagine to make a statement about your company and your brand? Secondly, it's their approach as outlined above. If you like their work and feel like it's a good fit, and if you feel that they are looking for a mutally beneficial collaboration, then everything else should be considered an ongoing discussion. When you walk into a store to buy a coffee maker, you ask how much and the store clerk tells you and you make a purchase based on that. If you are looking to partner with a video production professional, then you what you are doing is entering into a relationship with experts whose goal it is to increase your business and find the sweet spot for your project in terms of budget and return.

Keep these elements in mind, and your next video production will go smoother and have a much better chance of achieving your goals.


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